Along for the ride?

Starting a new blog isn’t easy.  Especially when you already have one you’re trying to keep updated!  But I am very excited about this new blog and the possibilities that lie ahead.  For one, I’ve always used Blogger–now I’m trying WordPress.  It’s not the easiest of things to learn and will take some time I’m sure (any friends out there using WordPress and have words of advice?)

And what will this new blog hold?  All crafty things?  I don’t think so.  I think this blog will be crafty and life because the two go hand in hand.

So I’d like to invite you on this adventure with me.  For the life of me I can’t find a nifty little “follow” button that blogger has, but I have found the “subscribe” button in two different fashions.  One being adding it to a reader (Google Reader is the best tool ever in case you are wondering!) and the other subscribing to receive an email when I update.  Both of these options are on the right hand side of the blog.  So if you will, come along with me, and press the button 🙂

I’m going to borrow something from my blogging friend Caroline (you need to go visit her blog and shop!) and say when my little statistics tell me we’ve reached 50 followers we’ll have a Kristin’s Kreations giveaway.  How does that sound?

I’m excited about this new adventure and I hope you are too!  Now, for this Tuesday evening, I’ve been home an hour, I’m already in my pj’s and just pulled cupcakes out of the oven.  I shall start dinner now since hubs will be home soon and we’re settling in on this rainy Tuesday night.  Gotta take advantage of the nights at home!  Happy Tuesday my friends!


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